Simple Calendar

I’ve expressed my love for my diary, my planner, and my desk calendar before. It’s no secret. The diary lives on my desk and is mobile enough that I can bring it down to the dining room table to make phone calls or sit on the couch and make notes for a dinner party in the back. The planner lives in my bag and is what I pull out at the orthodontist for making the next appointment, or the antique store to schedule a delivery. I reconcile entries a few times a week, usually when I’m sitting at the desk in the mornings to determine what must be done for the day and what I want to get done for the day.

For quick glances at the calendar (like when you’re trying to find out when you can expect to put on the last of that nasty cream for fighting off ringworm….grrr….) I love Jenny Mustard’…everything, actually.

The calendar lives on a clipboard, hung on the wall between the lamp and iMac. Perfect for glancing up and finding what I need. Perfectly minimalistic and non-distracting. Perfectly beautiful.

It’s no surprise, then, that I snagged her 2018 gift to the world the day it came out! It’s already printed and clipped and useful!

It know it seems redundant to have the three items around, but it’s a system that works for me. The diaries are put into the bookcase as a sort of record of our lives to keep, the planner is recycled at the end of the year, and the calendar is recycled as each month goes by.



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